TNW Wireless?

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Dec 12, 2010
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Wikipedia lists TNW Wireless as a mobile network operator in Canada. Has anyone here ever heard of them?

Their website
purports to offer a plan for $10/month with unlimited talk&text and 500 MByte of data.

According to their coverage map
they operate on 850 MHz and have coverage in Whitehorse, Fort Nelson, parts of Haida Gwaii and parts of the Sunshine Coast.

However, I am in Whitehorse, and we only have Bell and Ice Wireless. I can't find any other carrier with my phone.

They seem to have changed their name from RuralCom Corp to TWN Wireless at some point. They were acquired by Investel and then sold to an entity called UAMA.

Apparently, RuralCom/TNW Wireless has or had wireless spectrum licenses at least at some point. I found various CRTC proceedings with TNW Wireless, one mentioning that the ISED approved the license transfer from RuralCom to TNW Wireless, a report from 2017 "TNW Wireless launches sevice in Northern BC and Yukon" where they mention Whitehorse, Fort Nelson, parts of Haida Gwaii and the Northern West Coast of BC - just like in their coverage map I found today. I also found a press release from 2021 where they celebrate a CRTC decision about national roaming.

Also an article from 2018 that laments the lack of wireless coverage in Port Clemens - the very place TNW Wireless was so proud of having connected a year earlier. The article closes with this sentence: "In 2015, Ruralcom briefly powered up a cellular antenna in Port Clements, but the company — since renamed TNW Wireless — struggled to get the spectrum it needed."


I can't find anything on the cellsites map

Their idea seems to (have been to) have a small footprint of their own, but mostly offer connection through third party WiFi and (national) roaming. Something they called iPCS.

Peculiarly, on their website under "Corporate", one finds a copy of an angry lawsuit filed against a former manager, who is accused of not having repaid a large loan, of having attempted to sell the company to Bell without board approval, of then having left and posted numerous untoward statements about the company online. No further documents are provided regarding that case.

What happened to TNW Wireless and its assets?