Is there a way to turn the screen off on a smart TV?


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Nov 16, 2006
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I have an RCA smart TV. I found a white noise streaming channel that I would like to play at night, but I don't want a picture. Is there a way to turn the screen off but leave the power on so that I hear the white noise? I looked through all the settings but I didn't see this option.

I thought I could just hang a blanket over the TV but I see that there are heat vents in the back that I don't want to cover. There are dozens of white noise apps that I could use with my phone, but the sound is much better from my TV.
Maybe you could just wear a sleep mask to block the light if you can't figure how to go into settings to reduce the screen brightness.

I have an old RCA TV but it's not a smart TV. It does have a headset jack I used to use wìth a headset at night.

I use a headset plugged into a radio with a USB port and listen to audio recordings of ambient relaxation music, or radio plays and LibraVox audiobooks. Those are my "White Noise" and don't just block noise but help to reduce mental clutter that keeps me from sleeping.

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Sony TVs have a picture off button on the remote. Maybe see if your TV has something like that in the manual?
Why not buy a cheap Bluetooth speaker for your bedside table?