battery useage: audio vs Video vs websurfing

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Aug 1, 2008
T -Mobile ATT Mint
Motorola and a LTE iPad

Just wondering if there is a way to see how much battery is used listening to the "radio" website on my phone ,
compared to listening and have the screen showing ads / video at the same time ?
or Youtube,
or websurfing
or podcasts

I would assume that anything using the screen uses the most power , but how do you only play audio on Youtube without the video ,

Can I lower the quality of the radio feed or Youtube to use less battery ?

Thanks for any info or links
i know it not the question but i find the biggest factor in battery drain is any continuous usage while in weak as opposed to strong signal area. of course keeping the screen on(especially in bright setting) is also a significant factor
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Most modern phones have built-in tools to check how much data is being used and by which applications. If not, you can probably download an application to assist you.
to see the specific power usage for the radio website, use a specific/new/separate browser for that one web site.

vibration/haptics uses the most power. disable all that if you want max battery life.

screen is next biggest power user. set screen to be as dim as works for you , turn off auto-brightness.

wifi uses less power than cellular radio. you can use airplane mode wifi-on to save power. this is a big win if you are far from cell tower while on home wifi. there is usually no reason to have both the wifi radio and the cellular radio on at same time - you can choose to disable one or the other. also disabling the bluetooth will save power. disable airdrop too.

yes, i think there is a way to play youtube audio-only with screen locked/dark, sorry i do not have specifics there, maybe put it in 'minimized' mini-screen mode first.

lowering bitrate will reduce battery usage slightly, yes. its application specific how to adjust bitrate and most apps automatically adjust if you find a way to change the bitrate via the OS such as by changing cellular radio/roaming modes between LTE/5G-when-available/5G-only. Possibly consider testing for a few days with 5G entirely disabled.

Android low-power mode was amazing last time I tried it on samsung (S8). It tripled battery life to over 3 days. iPhone low-power mode increases battery life maybe 30%. You can make a "shortcut" to automatically keep the phone in low power mode all the time if you like.

Also consider to go into settings/cellular/data/system-services on iphone or equjivalent on android - and disable ALL system-services and metrics stuff that you do not specifically want. If you don't know what it is, consider it disable it and see if it affects any function you care about. Also feel free to ask specific followup questions of course. Best regards !